Best Selling Airbnb Clone Scripts of 2017

The travel and tourism market is becoming saturated with clone scripts, and especially with Airbnb clone scripts. There are myriads of Airbnb clone scripts in the online market, but among them there are some topmost clone scripts which can be beneficial for entrepreneurs willing to start business in travel and tourism. The prevalence of myriads of Airbnb clone scripts has made it easier for entrepreneurs to replicate the model and to invest much in their business with an objective of drawing maximum traffic in. Airbnb clone scripts come with pre-designed templates which makes it even easier for the host and the consumer to interact with each other. And owing to this interactivity, businesses quite often succeed by choosing such clone scripts.

Apptha Airhotels (which is available on Magento 1 & 2) should be considered as one of the best airbnb clone script software. The Apptha Airhotels comes with rich resources, making it a perfect Airbnb clone script software. It has home page video sliders with hourly booking facilities and is adaptable to Paypal. Moreover, it provides social media login options too. One of the most comprehensive vacation rental script present in the market, the Apptha Airhotels clone script is perfect for travel and tourism business with build in accommodation booking systems. Seamless integration with Google maps provides the script with a competitive advantage and moreover, the internal chat system is also a noticeable feature.

Apphitect, on the other hand, is an Airbnb clone script software that gives four free add-ons and one year hosting. The software comes with features like single step checkout, payment gateway, it is also SEO friendly and it provides easy Map integrations. The vacation rental script of Apphitect helps users to build an exact copy of an Airbnb travel accommodation booking website, and there lies the software’s charm. Available on Magento 1 and 2, Apphitect provides offers cloud hosting, technical support and multiple themes. Furthermore, all these come with a 100 percent customizable code.

The NineHertz’s Airbnb clone scrip is yet another replica that offers features that are quite in alignment with Airbnb’s features. The clone script makes it easier to build an Airbnb-like website for mobiles, tablets, and obviously for desktops. This particular Airbnb clone scrip comes with exuberant features like admin control, customization options, multilingual compatibility, designs that are model responsive, and moreover, it provides opportunity for property management, it gives advanced search options and even event listings.